Aku Bukan Tomboy

Yester-night I was searching for a good movie to watch. I suddenly remembered about Jack Frost. Maybe that was due to the massive ad about this coming Christmas over the internet. Oh yeah, before I forgot, Warsaw is still not snowing yet! And it’s already past mid-December! The weather is a bit weird. One of my English friend said that it might be a very cold winter this year. Well I don’t know about that but I hope it won’t be that cold! Orang Malaysia mana tahan sejuk-sejuk ni :P

I watched part 1 and part 2 of Jack Frost on YouTube and then I felt like watching a movie I haven’t watched before. Another reason for changing the movie was the slow-buffering on YouTube. I eventually reached to some website that provide many Malay movies online. I saw Aku Bukan Tomboy ad, clicked on it and began watching it. Although it took quite some time to buffer but I was determined to watch it.

The movie was kind of hillarious and there were parts that I couldn’t help myself but REALLY Laughing-Out-Loud!

You too can watch it online!

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6    Part 7

Source: syoklah.blogspot.com


Among the movies that I’ve watched with Shaheizy Sam in it are: Adnan Sempit, Kongsi and Sekali Lagi. They’re all hillarious too!

The soundtracks:

1. Dirinya Sebenar – James Baum


2. Hingga Hujung Dunia


3. Aku Bukan Tomboy


I only knew these three so far. I’ll update this if I know more.

Happy watching! ;D